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Anonymous asked:

So I also graduated from an ASN program Dec '11 (in FL) & am having a hard time just getting an interview-my main issue was I went to school in Orlando & did all my clinicals/practicum there & am looking for a job in Tampa. I agree, it isn't just WHAT but also WHO you know that actually matters. I'm crossing my fingers about a few new grad internships I've applied for & am waiting to hear back from. Have you found a job yet? I randomly found your page while googling... -sapphire8785@hotmail.

yeah i did just recently.  it definitely is WHO you know that matters when applying.  there are so many people w/ nursing degrees at this time because schools are getting ready for the baby boomers to get a little older.  there aren’t enough jobs to go around so there is a huge importance as to who you know.  what else would ya like to know?  good luck on your hunt!

New Grad Openings

Scripps hospital in San Diego will accept open applications in about a months time

CHOC (Childrens Hospital Orange County) currently is accepting applications for new grads

UCSD Medical Center is currently taking applications for new grads

Lucille Packard Childrens Hospital Palo Alto is now accepting applications for new grads

Good Luck Ya’ll and Happy Hunting

Interview w/ UCSD surgical trauma telemetry floor.  At first I was madd nervous but I think I did well once I walked into the managers office.  

Interview tip: Just being picked for an interview speaks volumes of what the managers think of you b/c they are so very hard to come by.  So be confident and mouth piece the hell out of them and prove them why they think so highly.

Life of a New Grad…

Drove from Sacramento to Los Angeles (6 hour trip) for an interview on Monday at the PICU at UCLA, which I think went pretty well.  Callbacks for a 2nd round of interviews start in 2 weeks so I was told to keep my schedule clear.  This up and coming Tuesday I’m driving back down to Socal to San Diego (8 hour trip) from Sacramento for my interview on a surgical trauma Telemetry floor at UCSD.  Damn all this driving is madd!!!  I’m hopin for the best

Why A Nursing Job Interview Is Like A 1st Date

  • 1st impressions are very important, SMILE
  • You’re selling yourself on why you’re worth their investment in time and resources
  • Come dressed to impress but leave your clubbin outfit at home
  • Awkward silences during your interview/date = NO LOVE
  • Ask smart questions that shows you’re listening
  • In the most modest way possible, show them why they should want a committed relationship with you
  • Nobody likes a bragger, leave your ego at home!  There’s a fine line between being confident and egotistical…stay on the right side
  • Know that they’re already interested, you just have to close the deal homie!  There’s many people who would kill for an interview/first date with this person/hospital so be on your A game

2 fingers!!

Attention All Nursing Students

It’s not always what you know but who you know.  So even if you may not think about it much now, in the future you’ll realize that where you did your clinicals and preceptorship is the PERFECT place to network for jobs.  So don’t look at it as something you have to do for school but as a place to put your mouth piece on and stand out from the rest of em.  Think of it as a semester long interview and pimp yourself the f*ck out!  Trust me, you’ll thank me later.


That feeling when …

You meet another nursing student or nurse who knows exactly what you are/been going through because it would be too difficult for the general public to truly comprehend without going through it themselves.  

I know how hard it was trying to get into and do well in all pre-nursing classes like anatomy and physiology.  I remember how damn good it felt when I found out I got into nursing school.  I know first hand how many sleepless nights of studying and lost hours of sleep that your typical nursing student would go through.  I got into a fight with the NCLEX and by some act of divine intervention I won and remembered how epic it felt when I saw my name on the BON website.  

So my apologies if I get a little too excited when I come across other fellow nursing students or nurses.  It’s just that not many people know first hand all the ups and the downs we faced in the life of a nurse.  It feels good when I meet someone who can relate to not only my struggles, but my successes in it as well.  

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